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Involvement Compass!!

Hey, everyone, this is Paul the USC intern. I’ve been using this site over the past few months to get some tech projects going. Some of them are. The Involvement Compass is live for clubs to register/update their info right now. Find your club by searching for all or part of your name as it

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How do I Involvement Compass?

So I’ve been getting a few questions emailed me, and I hope this will answer most of them. Read on for the gripping wall-to-wall read that necessarily is explaining a nearly-working website.

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raison d’être

Test Western is a domain to be used as a sandbox for the current Technical Infrastructure Intern, as well as–I’m sure–the plethora of TIIs who will follow. Test Western is to be a testing ground for ultra-secret innovative projects that the USC embarks on now and forever into the future. Feel that? That sense of

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