Pakistani Students Association (PSA)


The PSA, a student organization, provides opportunities to Pakistani students to explore their ethnic and cultural background. We also focus on promoting a better understanding of Pakistani people, their culture, and values throughout the university.


PSA welcomes everyone to a year of fun-packed and food-filled events! This year, our major goal is not only to deliver opportunities to Pakistani and non-Pakistani students looking to explore the traditions and culture of Pakistan, but also to provide a comfortable social environment for international as well as first year students. We want to spread awareness about our Pakistani culture and build connections with students from different cultures and backgrounds. We want to provide everyone with the opportunity to get involved and make this year the best year in the history of PSA Western. Here's our exec team of 2016-17: Aunty President: Mahnoor Qureshi VP Paisa (Finance): Zeeshan Ahmad VP Shughal (Events): Shahbano Raja VP Gup-Shup (Communication): Umair Qureshi VP Ishteharat (Promotions): Nimra Rais VP Khairaat (Charity): Hibba Nawaz VP Sargarmi (Activities): Arham Aamir VP Humdard (External Affairs): Mohammad Ali Sarfraz You can email us at Everyone on the team is super friendly and welcoming so if you have any questions or concerns, feel free to contact any of us. We're ALWAYS ready to help! :)

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Mahnoor Qureshi