Association of International Relations (AIR)


The Association of International Relations (AIR) aims to create an environment where international diplomacy, State-relations, and world issues can be openly discussed and analyzed by Western students interested in the areas of politics and history. Our club will provide students who wish to understand and debate such topics a forum in which to do so. Our club will give students the opportunity to learn about such topics and develop their own opinions and views of the issues at hand. This club will provide a diverse range of interpretations regarding both current and historical events associated with international relations in order to foster an environment of critical and independent thinking. We wish to provide Western students the opportunity to discuss emerging events in global politics and the responses to them. We hope to promote a greater understanding of international affairs and global development through a process of exploration and debate. We wish to create a community in which students can express their views on these topics and brainstorm potential solutions to pressing world issues; a community where students can  learn and engage with other group members who are also interested in international relations. This club will encourage the progress and betterment of both our members and our community, and the global community at large. The Association of International Relations seeks to establish a forum in which the views of Western students can create a sustainable and profound impact on the international structure. We hope to bring awareness to the university about important world issues and to cooperate and keep in contact with other clubs and students on campus interested in such topics.

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