World University Service of Canada (WUSC)


Are you interested in international development, humanitarian issues, education for a more equitable world, helping out in your London community, and helping out the world? If so, join WUSC!Take part in one of our oversees volunteering trips to Latin America or Asia; help with awareness events for the Make Poverty History campaign, the global AIDS epidemic, and other international development issues of your interest; volunteer at local soup kitchens and youth homes in London; support our Student Refugee Program; take part and help organize our Bike for AIDS fundraiser; or participate in national conferences and apply for the WUSC International Seminar in Africa this summer! WUSC is unique among development organizations in our ability to link Canada's colleges and universities with our efforts to promote knowledge for a more equitable world. As a WUSC member you can also become a part of Students Without Borders, an innovative program enabling students to apply their academic knowledge to a work environment in the developing world, and, in most cases, earn credits.

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Mohamed Soufan