Political Science Association (PSA)


The Political Science Association (PSA) is a ratified student-run organization affiliated with the Department of Political Science. The PSA aims to advance both the social and academic experience for Political Science students at Western.


The Political Science Association's social and academic programming revolves around the club’s five principle initiatives: to foster a liaison between students and faculty, expose students to post graduate possibilities, advance non-curricular knowledge in Political Science, provide opportunities to gain valuable leadership experience, and to represent the needs and concerns of Political Science students. As a member of the Political Science Association, an assortment of student programming is available to you. Refer below for an overview of what PSA has to offer throughout the academic school year.   General Meetings Members of the Political Science Association come together throughout the year to stay informed with PSA initiatives, to get involved with the club, and to socialize with other members. From on campus to off campus, watching elections or simply sitting down to socialize, it is a great way to get to know other students.   Trips Every year the PSA organizes a trip to enhance learning outside of the classroom. In previous years, members have had the opportunity to travel to Washington, DC and New York City. In 2012, we travelled to Winnipeg, Manitoba for the annual Canadian Political Science Students Association conference. The PSA plans on attending the 2013 Conference as well, to be held in Vancouver, British Columbia.   Speakers The PSA hosts special speaker events throughout the year. In the past, we have had London Mayor Joe Fontana, Daryl Copland, and Barbara Kellerman. The PSA also runs a Speaker Series run by Professors and Students. 2012 topics included the Republican Primary Debate and the Middle East.   Prof-Student Socials The PSA hosts prof and student socials and hosts a yearly wine and cheese. It gives us all a chance to talk to our professors on anything but essays or class participation. Students receive free wine with membership!   Information Sessions The PSA runs grad school information sessions in first semester for senior students interested in continuing their education in Political Science. Close to the end of the year, the PSA runs Intent to Register information sessions to help students through the registration process. The PSA also runs presentations on Federal and Provincial government internships and jobs.   Essay Writing Clinics Once a year, the PSA hosts an essay clinic for students taking PS1020 - Introduction to Political Science. Upper year Political Science students are available to read, review, and provide advice to students regarding their essays.   

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General Club Contact
Email: psa.western@gmail.com

Primary Club Contact
Duncan Spilsbury
Email: dspilsbu@uwo.ca