Caribbean Students Organization (CSO)


The Caribbean Student's Organization provides a home away from home for those of Caribbean descent and works towards the enhancement of Western's knowledge of Caribbean culture.


The Caribbean Students’ Organization at  Western University provides a home away from home for those from the Caribbean, as well as a link to your roots for those who have a Caribbean background. Every year, Western`s CSO hosts a Culture Show with the purpose of highlighting and celebrating the best of Caribbean Culture. While it is up to the club`s members to determine what is showcased, CSO`s primary goal is to ensure that all aspects of Caribbean Culture are equally highlighted though a diverse display of song, dance, food, and fashion. It is our hope to raise awareness and educate both the Western community and wider London population on the culture of the region. The annual Culture Show is the main event of CSO`s Culture Show Weekend, which has been recently revamped to include a lecture, as well as a pre and after party for the show. Our Mission: “To preserve Caribbean culture by educating the University of Western Ontario population while providing a spirited community for all West Indian students.”

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Gaellan Brown