Western Inter-Varsity Christian Fellowship (WIVCF)


a community of people discovering how justice and freedom and faith and hope and love can be tangible. a collective of students trying to live radically beautiful lives. a crew of disciples learning from Jesus as he challenges the status quo.


InterVarsity Christian Fellowship is part of an international student movement committed to changing the world by loving God and loving people.  We think Jesus is about freedom and peace and full life. We think students need more of that stuff.  We exist on campus to help people meet God, engage faith, find community and become the dynamic leaders that they are. We host weekly small group bible studies, dinners, discussion forums, art invasions, parties, worship and teaching nights, you name it.  We create safe spaces where any and all are welcome - if you come, you belong - regardless of background, faith, gender, ethnicity, or sexuality. We're excited for another year of community building and truth telling on campus. You should totally be a part of it.  

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General Club Contact
Email: western.intervarsity@gmail.com

Primary Club Contact
Tanner Kennedy
Email: tkenne9@uwo.ca