Society of Atheists and Agnostics


We are a student club within the University of Western Ontario looking to create a community for freethinking and open-minded people who are interested in connecting with people like themselves.


WHO WE ARE SAA is a social club that fosters a community among atheists, agnostics, freethinkers, humanists, believers and non-believers through socials, discussions and events. Our club members are a diverse group of people from all walks of life, and we focus on humanism and humanitarian values as a part of our mandate. We have undergrads from a range of different faculties and even have grad students (sometimes profs too!) joining us at our socials. Definitely come out if you're interested in meeting new people and learning new things.  OUR EVENTS We hold bi-weekly pub nights at the Grad Club (Middlesex College) where we chill, have food and drinks, and engage in interesting conversations on just about anything from philosophy and religion to politics and sociology. Stay tuned for our speaker series this year where we invite prominent individuals to Western to share interesting ideas. Speakers could be secular or religious persons, political activists, community leaders, bloggers, artists or even YouTubers.  We also create informational events such as Ask-An-Atheist Day and collaborative volunteering events with other clubs. FOR MORE INFO Contact Kathy Xiong (president) at or check out our Facebook group! 

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Primary Club Contact
Kaiqing Xiong