Wildlife Conservation Society


The purpose of the Western Wildlife Conservation Society is to raise awareness about a healthy, diverse, and ultimately sustainable living Earth.


The club’s purpose is to educate the student body on the ongoing animal cruelty, endangered species as well raise awareness on what we can do to help. Species of every description, from lichens to leatherback turtles, whooping cranes to wood bison are at risk. The club will aim to bring together the student body in advocating change to decrease our ecological footprint on this earth. This will ultimately promote a healthy, diverse, and sustainable living Earth. As a member, you will gain access to all of our events and opportunities, including:   Wildlife Adoption Bar Nights Coffeehouse Endangered Species Exposé Reforest London volunteering in partnership Nature Walks  Endangered species presentations 

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General Club Contact
Email: usc.clubs.wcs@uwo.ca

Primary Club Contact
Nora Haggith Arthur
Email: nhaggith@uwo.ca