Western Founders Network (WFN)


Western Founders Network is the central hub for aspiring tech entrepreneurs on campus. Our mission is to foster innovation on campus by giving students the knowhow and the means to develop, establish, and grow their unique startup ventures.


We are a club that strives to foster a culture of tech entrepreneurship through sponsored events, competitions, mentorship programs, and educational workshops. Anyone from a complete novice to a coding guru or even a business major can benefit from our unique collective of opportunities. We aim to equip student entrepreneurs with the necessary technical skills to turn their ideas into action. We also strive to encourage student startups at Western. Through collaboration between students, organizations, and startups, Founders Network strives to instill an entrepreneurial culture within Western’s student body, as present in institutions such as Stanford University, University of Waterloo, McGill and MIT.

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Primary Club Contact
Xin Zhang
Email: xzhan735@uwo.ca