The Involvement Compass is an interactive online tool meant to help direct students towards relevant on-campus opportunities.

The matchmaking process works thusly: both students and organizations do the same quiz, with organizations picking the answers that most obviously relate to them. As a student, after finishing the quiz you are matched against the clubs whose paths through the quiz are the closest to yours.

The results are going to get better as more organisations sign up, as well as with a growing body of feedback from students, so check back whenever you're looking to be inspired!


This is still a cooling-off-on-the-windowsill website, so it's bound to have some glitches that I don't know about. It also has a fair number of glitches I do know about, but those are secret.

If you have any high-level ideological critiques, I'd like to hear them too. I'm in FIMS half of the time, so I don't like anything either.

But seriously, if you find any probles--technical or otherwise--send me a wee message and I will do my level best to make it right. Unless you're on a mobile device, because then you probably can't read this.

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