How do I Involvement Compass?

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So I’ve been getting a few questions emailed me, and I hope this will answer most of them. Read on for the gripping wall-to-wall read that necessarily is explaining a nearly-working website.

Logging in

Find your club by searching for all or part of your name as it currently exists on WesternLink.
Once logged in you can
-> Change your password
-> Do the quiz
-> Log out (duh.)

To change your password, just follow the queues. It should be fairly okay.

To do the quiz, click the button, go through the questions, and then hit the blue “Update” button. If all goes well, the page will load for a second or two, and then reload itself so it looks like it did when you first arrived. If something goes wrong, you’ll get an error message.
On Monday there should be some indicator of success that makes the process less opaque.

Logging out just means reloading the page right now. (ie, press ‘f5′). It’s a bit graceless, so I’m going to put in a button for that as well.

What if the quiz changes slightly before Monday/I do a question wrong/I want to re-rate myself?

Do it. Do it whenever you like.

I would recommend
-> Doing it ASAP to get yourself in the system
-> And then doing it on Monday morning to be re-rated if the quiz has changed at all.

How do I change my name or description?

The Involvement Compass pulls your data directly from WesternLink so as to avoid the duplication of records. Everything except your password and quiz score comes from WesternLink. If you need anything changed, get it changed there and then it will eventually propagate to the Involvement Compass.

How do I think about the quiz as I fill it out?

Good question.

Basically, students who will want to join your club will be using the Involvement Compass to find you. Students are perforce going to do the quiz by answering questions either about the Category your club falls into (the categories are the same as on Westernlink), or the various Attributes that it has (ie, are you big/small, meet up often/meet up less often, etc).

As a club leader then, do the quiz as though you are a student looking for your club. What will happen is that students who answer questions similarly to you will get you as a result, because (in many cases) you’ll have given the same or similar answers.

If you don’t think a particular question is relevant, then skip the question or click the option that says (and I’m paraphrasing) “I don’t care/This isn’t a consideration for me.”

For example

If you click, for example, “The bigger, the better,” then you will be more favourably compared to students who clicked that, but negatively compared to students who said “Smaller, more intimate organizations.”

If you skip the question or say you don’t care, the effect of both is the same: you won’t be compared at all for that category: effectively, you won’t go up or down. This means that you don’t alienate anyone, but neither do you attract anyone. Of course, If you skip every question, you won’t ever show up for anyone. So, while you definitely don’t have to answer every one, you’re going to have to take a stance on some questions.


I’m always looking for it. The Involvement Compass is meant to help students find clubs that interest them, so if anyone feels like the quiz is too general/misses the point/doesn’t specifically speak to the experience you offer as a club, then it’s not going to work for students either.

Please, if you have any feedback (for example, if you think it could use a new question, you think one of the questions there now needs a few more options, or the wording of something isn’t quite right) let me know and we can figure it out together.

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